Intel Teases Better, Faster Dual-core Atom CPU

In an earnings call yesterday, CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, announced that the company had had its best first quarter ever. Along with that little piece of good news, Otellini let listeners in on a little tidbit of information regarding what we can expect in Q2.

CNet cites Otellini as saying "the next innovation coming out on Atom is dual core, which comes out in the second quarter." Intel already has a dual-core option for nettops so this dual-core Atom will likely be targeted at netbooks and other small devices.

"I still think there will be significant growth in the Netbook business year-over-year. Features and integration (of silicon) are the technical knobs to twist here," he said.

  • back_by_demand
    DC Atom in the HP Slate?

    OH YEAH!!!!!!
  • dwave
    Dual Core Atom for a netbook? Sounds good to me!
  • sliem
    In a few years we'll be able to play Crysis on a netbook.
  • amk09
    not long before we got dual core cpu's in our cellphones
  • fisshy
    Yes Yes Yes Finally a Fast, Cheap and Reliable Netbook platform...

    Intel For LIFE!
  • tsnorquist
    Asus 1201N is already sporting a dual core Atom - not the most energy efficient netbook (can tell you that first hand), but it's much better than the single core options.
  • onekill
    Dual core in a netbook under $350? Sign me up!
  • thegreathuntingdolphin
    A slightly faster dual core Atom is all I need to commit to a netbook, especially if it has hyper threading as well!
  • kdashjl
    netbooks here i come
  • sceen311
    sliemIn a few years we'll be able to play Crysis on a netbook.Sure you wait a couple years, Meanwhile i'll play crisis on my iPad.