be quiet! Adds White Option to Shadow Wings 2 Fan Series

be quiet! has brought light to the darkness adding new white options to its Shadow Wings 2 fan line. First released in 2019, the Shadow Wings 2 series is designed for silence peaking at a mere 15.9 dB(A) at its maximum speeds. The Shadow Wings 2 White series comes in 120mm and 140mm sizes and is controlled through a 3-pin DC connector or 4-pin PWM. The new white fans will be available in North America at the beginning of October and at the beginning of September in other regions. 

The new white fans carry over all the features of the original black fans, including the airflow optimized fan blades that are supposed to yield whisper-quiet operations yet solid cooling. Helping to keep the fan quiet is the removable anti-vibration mountings on all four corners, said to reduce vibrations transmitted to the PC case.

The frame is also rubberized further supporting the anti-vibration concept. Both the 120mm and 140mm models are mounted with push-pins for simple installation without using screws. In addition, the fan uses rifle bearing technology with a lifespan listed at up to 80,000 hours or over nine years of continuous operation. 

The 120mm models have a maximum speed of 1,100 RPM with a peak noise level of 15.9 db(A). The larger 140mm models have a maximum speed of 900 RPM and noise level of 14.9 db(A), making these some really quiet fans if be quiet!'s measurements are accurate.

Airflow is said to be 38.5 CFM on the 120mm and 49.8 on the 140mm models. Static pressure isn't a strong suit, rated at 0.82 and 0.58 mm/H20 respectively, but these are case fans and not intended to be used on a radiator or heatsink

Pricing for the 120mm DC/3-Pin controlled fans will be $16.90 / €15.90 / £13.99, with PWM priced a bit higher in Europe at €16.90 / £14.99. The 140mm DC fan is $18.90 / €17.90 / £15.99 and the PWM controlled version is $16.90 / €18.90 / £16.99.

Image Credits: be quiet!

Joe Shields
Motherboard Reviewer

Joe Shields is a Freelance writer for Tom’s Hardware US. He reviews motherboards.