The Best Builds Of 2016 Redux: Call For Submissions

We kicked off our Best PC Builds feature last year and showcased what the Tom’s Hardware community could assemble within defined budgets and build scenarios. Not only did it let our forum members show off their skills at picking hardware for new PCs, it also gave novice PC builders a resource filled with quality computer components to choose from.

But the computer industry never sits still. While little has changed in the CPU world since we first published the Best PC Builds guide, the entire GPU market has been re-energized by a new wave of graphics processors.

The GPUs from AMD and Nvidia (Polaris and Pascal, respectively) contain numerous improvements, including architectural enhancements, the move to 14/16 nm FinFET transistor technology, and support for faster memory technologies, like GDDR5X and 8 GHz GDDR5.

These graphics processors are also fairly inexpensive, which has also forced the industry to drop the price on previous generation graphics hardware to keep it competitive and relevant.

In other words, the new GPUs introduce sufficient changes in performance and price that it’s now time to revisit all of our Best PC Builds.

Build submissions do not have to use one of these new GPUs, but in several places the latest offerings will dictate some changes, while price reductions on older hardware should give users more options on budget-oriented builds, including some wiggle room on other components.

We will accept build submissions until August 19. All builds must be submitted in one of the forum sections linked to below. We won’t consider builds that go over the budget. Please note that all parts must be selected from Amazon or Newegg, and must not include any limited-time pricing offers or rebates.

Best Build Under $500

Best VR-Ready Build Under $750

Best $1000 Build

Best $1000 Mini-ITX Build Under $1000

Best $1250 Build

Best $1500 Build

Best $2000 Build

Best VR-Ready Build Under $2500

Happy Building!

Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.