Microsoft Unveils the Bing Jingle

A few of weeks back, a couple of the Bing interns posted a video on YouTube launching a Bing jingle contest. With a grand prize of $500, they were looking for a catchy song to go along with Microsoft's latest 'decision making' engine, Bing. The the winning jingle has been announced and good grief is probably the only way to describe it.

When we wrote about the contest there were only two entries. The winner, and the one we ended up embedding in the story. When you see the video, you might understand why we chose the guy yelling, "I like to Bing it, Bing it!" when given the choice. That said, the winner was chosen by the number of views and the quality of ratings on YouTube so maybe I'm alone in thinking it's just awful. Check it out below.

Also if anyone is planning on joining the Bing facebook group, we'd like to point out that it seems one of the interns has linked to his or her desktop instead of Facebook on the page with the contest announcement. You can become a fan here if you're interested.

  • That was bloody retarded.
  • d0w0rk24
    I hope to god this is a joke
  • scrumworks
    Jingle All the Way.
  • phatboe
    My internet sounds more like "google".
  • thepetey
    HA. April Fools!!... oh its August 6th... i guess that's just a Microsoft Fail. Terrible Terrible Fail.
  • griffed88
    Wow, more fodder for the I'm a Mac ads. lol

    Anyone else think its hilarious that there were only 2 entries for a $500 contest! man, noooobody uses bing lol
  • cekasone
    phatboeMy internet sounds more like "google".
    Google for life.
  • daft
    my eyes started bleeding, and my ears shriveled up
  • michaelahess
    I use bing all the time; so I can get cashback. I like free money what can I say. :)
  • rigaudio
    I like it. It's catchy.