A Brief Look at the Technical Specs of BlackBerry Z10, Q10

BlackBerry spent the majority of its time preaching the virtues of its BlackBerry 10 OS, and with good reason. The future success of the company rests on the performance and acceptance of BB10. Now we're taking a look at the technical specs of the Z10, the all-touch version, and the Q10 that's meant for those classic BlackBerry users who need the hardware keyboard.

While not explicitly listed in the specifications, both BlackBerry phones are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chips -- the same as found in the North American Samsung Galaxy S3 and many of the latest Windows Phone 8 models. In line with previous BlackBerry hardware, the specifications themselves aren't world-beating, but rather the company is counting on its specialized software and unique security features to be the key differentiators. Of course, there's also what will likely be the world's best hardware keyboard on a phone in the Q10.

A BlackBerry Q10 compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2A BlackBerry Q10 compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The entire Q10 can fit inside the Note 2's 5.5'' screenThe entire Q10 can fit inside the Note 2's 5.5'' screenMashable also has a chart comparing the Z10 against the Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.    

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  • Thunderfox
    4.2"? Pass. It's basically a mini S3. I wonder how long until somebody puts Android on it.

    And the Q10 is like a tiny child's toy.
  • meltbox360
    Quite a nice phone. Unfortunately not the absolute best on the market but the UI and the way everything works is completely new. I'll have to pick one up and see but as long as you are running native apps the thing never stutters. I for one would not like a bigger phone like the S3 but to each their own.
  • sulanis
    hardware is only part of the equation! if the kernal knows how to manage the resources of the hardware effectively thats all that matters.

    I prefer the size of the z10 myself, but I wouldn't be opposed to getting the q10