Interview With the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 Industrial Designer

While much of the spotlight was put on the BlackBerry 10 operating system and new features, it was clear that the new Z10 and Q10 phones were designed to be the ideal hosts for the next generation software platform. The Z10 in particular is a departure for BlackBerry as it incorporates much of the design that's now commonplace in the smartphone space, though perhaps that makes it a bit less unique than the Q10. With a full hardware QWERTY keyboard, the Q10 respects the BlackBerry lineage and will likely be the smartphone of choice for hardcore hardware keyboard loyalists. Those who love the physical keyboard, however, will have to wait until spring when the Q10 launches.


We got the chance to interview Joseph Hofer, senior industrial designer at BlackBerry, about the choices and thoughts put into making the hardware to support the all-new software.

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  • klarkmdb
    Seems very promising, blackberry is overall good tho.
  • redeemer
    Hardware is no the problem here, Blackberry needs to market the heck out of BB10. The QNX OS completely gesture based and powerful is in a class of its own.