Blizzard Brings Hanzo, Alexstrasza To 'Heroes Of The Storm'

Blizzard continues to add more characters to its Heroes of the Storm multiplayer online battle arena. At its annual BlizzCon show, the company revealed that Alexstrasza and Hanzo from World of Warcraft and Overwatch, respectively, will join the fight.

The two characters were revealed in the usual Blizzard fashion: a cinematic trailer. Alexstrasza first fought with Hanzo in her human form, but she then transformed into a dragon in an effort to test his skills. Players can use Alexstrasza as a ranged support character, but you can also utilize her dragon form to help your allies in a tough spot. On the field, Hanzo plays the role of a ranged assassin, which allows him to deal damage from a distance. His quick speed also makes him the ideal choice to scout ahead for potential traps and enemies.

The addition of Alexstrasza and Hanzo is the latest in a series of ongoing updates in Heroes of the Storm. The developers recently made major changes with the 2.0 update, and they have even more features to add in the coming months. This include new matchmaking methods, which will use your performance in game to determine your ranking. There are also improvements on the way for the laning system and a reworked stealth mechanic. Players will also get to use voice chat during matches and play with a new camera to get a better view of the battlefield.

These new changes will arrive as part of the 2018 Gameplay Update. However, you can get an early sneak peek at the new content when the developers release it on the game’s Public Test Realm on November 20.

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