How Good is Your Internet Coverage?

U.S. President Obama outlined a plan late last month to blanket 98 percent of the U.S. population with high-speed wireless coverage. The timeline for that is the next five years.

Sadly, that means that some Americans will still be without high-speed internet until half-past this decade. We can chart the progress though, as the FCC has erected a Broadband Map website that allows you to view the internet coverage in any given area of the country, both wireline and wireless, as well as by speed.

This is also a great tool for those about to go on holiday to a more rural or remote part of the country but can't live without those superpokes.

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  • Anonymous
    How about we cover 98% of the US with wired internet first.
  • picsoul
    Yeah, I have 6 down 1 up with craptastic Comcast on Docsis 1.0.
  • Doctor Rob
    This year part of the state of Minnesota will be getting Fiber to the Home internet service. Just like Verizon's FIOS service. From what I have been told the speeds will be like 10megs up and down on the low end and 100megs up and down on the high end(though I have also been told it would be 100megs down and like 20-50 up)and even faster in the future. This will cover most of lake county and some of cook county in Minnesota.

    The nice thing will be that if you are living in the boonies miles and miles away from the cities and towns if you have power you will be able to get the internet service just the same as if you lived in town.

    Wireless internet is too unpredictable to run a business on. Push out the fiber optics too all areas. (much better, but more expensive, but also no worries about radiation)