Broadband Usage Expected To Hit 1 Billion Users In 2008

Strategy Analytics believes that more than 1 billion people worldwide will have access to a broadband Internet connection by the end of next year. The market research firm has found that broadband growth currently outpaces the growth of the adoption of cellphones and will pick up even more with the availability of WiMax. As mobile broadband technologies become more and more accessible, six out of ten broadband users are expected to be located in emerging countries in 2008.

"While DSL clearly remains the dominant access technology, we are forecasting impressive growth of ‘alternative' technologies such as WiMax," said David Mercer, vice president at Strategy Analytics, in a prepared statement.

For Q4 2007, the company estimates the number of active broadband subscriptions at 336.3 million with 865.2 million users having access to these connections. By Q4 2008, Strategy Analytics estimates that there will be 391.4 million subscriptions and just over 1.0 billion users.