Best Buy Sells Infected Digital Photo Frames

Minneapolis (MN) - Best Buy has sent notices to customers who purchased a certain Insignia brand digital photo frame because it spreaded malware when connected to a Windows PC.

Insignia frame NS-DPF10A has been discontinued because it was "contaminated with a computer virus during the manufacturing process," said the electronics retailer. The virus spreads only to Windows PCs when connected via a USB cable. Insignia is a brand owned and managed by Best Buy.

"We apologize for the inconvenience that has been caused as a result of this incident," said Best Buy in a product notice. It did not specify how many of the frames were sold.

However, Best Buy has not issued a recall for the frame. Instead, it is "connecting with customers who may have been impacted." The retailer noted that it is a fairly old virus that any current anti-virus software would have caught. It is also not a replicating Trojan, meaning it will likely not provide a serious threat to affect consumers.