Canonical Job Advert Suggests Expanding 'Ubuntu Gaming' Team

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Canonical is continuing its investment in Linux gaming. Earlier this year the Ubuntu maker stated that was going 'all-in' on gaming, and its recent investments in gaming related personnel and projects appear to indicate that it wasn't a hollow claim.

Ubuntu focused news site OMG Ubuntu noticed that Canonical has listed another vacancy to help advance gaming on Linux. The new Software Engineering vacancy comes hot on the heels of the unveiling of the Steam Snap app from Ubuntu and is the second major Ubuntu development role that has been opened up this year. In January, Canonical began looking for a Desktop Gaming Manager.

Software Engineering vacancies at Canonical are numerous, with over 100 vacancies in this hugely important operational area for a software company. The new gaming specific role's full title is 'Software Engineer - Ubuntu Gaming Experience'.

In the job advertisement Canonical tells interested parties that we are currently living through an exciting time for gaming on Linux. The successful applicant could have a key role in advancing the progress we have been seeing recently. Canonical notes that there is a "massively expanding the library of titles available on Linux," largely thanks to the maturing of Proton. However, it seems to have misplaced the copy praising contributions from Valve, propelled by the desire for Steam Deck's success.

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Later in the job description, Canonical fills in some details giving a hint or two about what the Software Engineer will be working on; performance optimizations and configuration tools for a wide variety of PC hardware and gaming peripherals, anti-cheat compatibility, driver management, HUD tools. It adds that an overarching goal is to make sure a wide selection of games 'just work' with the devices and peripherals Ubuntu users have now. Lastly, if you are interested this is a home-based role in the EMEA.

Ubuntu is currently the most popular Linux according to Steam Hardware Survey data, However, we sense that Canonical is currently feeling a little left out, possibly even left behind in the resurgence of gaming on Linux. Ubuntu has lost some of its cachet over recent years and, even OMG Ubuntu admits that "Fact is: Ubuntu just isn’t cool these days." If it can provide all round competitively good games compatibility and performance – and do so with great ease of use qualities, Ubuntu could be a crowd puller again, an obvious choice for people trying Linux for the first time, perhaps. This might well be the intention, but it remains to be seen if Canonical / Ubuntu can truly succeed in its gaming strategy.

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  • cryoburner
    Software Engineering vacancies at Canonical are numerous, with over 100 vacancies in this hugely important operational area for a software company.
    Is that because they are expanding, or because employees are leaving in droves? : P