ATI Catalyst driver 5.10 adds Crossfire support

You may not be able to buy motherboards with support for ATI's dual-graphics technology Crossfire at this time, but at least the driver to go along with it has arrived today. ATI today released the Catalyst 5.10 driver package, which contains the Radeon display driver 8.18, Multimedia Center 9.08, Control center 5.10, as well as updated versions of Hydravision, Remote Wonder, WDM Driver Install, and the Southbridge/IXP driver.

The key features of the new driver besides Crossfire support to enable operation of "multiple processing units," according to ATI, are "default screen rotation keystrokes," as well as some enhancements to the display control panel for Microsoft's Windows XP media center Edition (MCE).

Simplified rotation caters especially to users who own a LCD that allows the screen to be rotated between landscape and portrait modes. The new MCE features simplify the setting of display resolutions 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p and enable users to automatically fit the picture to the size of the desktop display.

The new driver package support graphic cards ranging from the Radeon 7x00 series up to the X850 models. The Catalyst 5.10 update does not support ATI's new X1000 series.