TG Daily complete wrap-up of CES 2006 coverage

Top Stories

Analysis: Core processor is Intel's ticket to Hollywood

Intel CEO Paul Otellini's keynote address to CES Thursday evening provided some flash along with some substance, but not necessarily a banquet of both. How will Intel be able to sell its message of ubiquitous digital content to the consumer, along with a message of controlled access to the content industry? Read more...

Microsoft's Bill Gates announces alliance with MTV, reveals more Vista features

In his pre-show CES keynote address Wednesday evening, Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates outlined the latest upgrade (and perhaps bug fix) to his vision for the digital home of the future. Apparently, that vision now incorporates appealing to our inner "Urge," as MTV becomes one of Windows Media Player's new live-in guests. Read more...

Google's Larry Page draws crowd, but falls short of making a major announcement

Google president and co-founder Larry Page today addressed CES, in casual attire (lab coat), did not serve up the ground-breaking announcement that many IT observers and financial analysts had expected. The company did announce nice content deals with CBS and the NBA, with the help of Robin Williams, but will observers be willing to treat Google seriously the next time? Read more...

Center Stage

Divx to cooperate with Google, schedules launch of video download service
The two companies are in initial talks for the development of a type of video content shuttling system. Read more...

Why there shouldn't be a "Google PC"
Prior to Larry Page's keynote, there was plenty of speculation that Google was to announce its entry into the consumer device manufacturing field. But Page declined to deflate the rumor entirely, letting it float in the air. Is this a wise decision for a company whose successes to date have been achieved through partnerships? Read more...

Upcoming Motorola phones will have integrated Google
At a CES press event, Google and Motorola announced a partnership that will integrate Google branding into mobile phones. Read more...

Big Announcements

Seagate demos W-USB harddrive, pluggable hard drive concept
On display was a 1.8" harddrive, encased in a shiny aluminum casing that was equipped with a Wireless USB chipset.

While DirecTV spins, Dish Network delivers multi-set support
The VIP222 Receiver and VIP622 HD DV-R can handle both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals in two tuners, and support viewing on two sets simultaneously.

Thermaltake waters down GPU heat with liquid cooler
Cooler and case specialist Thermaltake revealed a totally new concept for a liquid cooling device.

Fujitsu announces a pair of Centrino Duo mobile notebooks
Fujitsu Computer Systems introduced two desktop replacement notebooks based on Intel's new Centrino Duo mobile technology.

Toshiba announces Qosmio notebook computer with HD DVD-ROM drive
Toshiba is showing off its newest Qosmio 17" notebook with Centrino Duo processor, which looks to be the first on the block with an HD DVD-ROM drive.

NVIDIA Quad-SLI-endowed Dell XPS redefines 'discretionary spending'
NVIDIA and Dell on Wednesday jointly demonstrated the first fully-functional, Quad SLI gaming PC.

Sanyo unveils a consumer solid-state high-definition camcorder
The company is showing off its Xacti HD1, which it claims to be the world's first HD compact digital media camera.

Xbox 360 wireless connection to HDTV to be demonstrated
Pulse-Link said it will be demonstrating HD gaming on a Xbox 360 while the device is wirelessly connected to a HDTV.

Xbox 360 to get external HD DVD player
Microsoft announced that it will be offering an optional external HD DVD drive for its Xbox 360 gaming console later this year.

Top Discoveries At CES

802.11n draft spec draws near; WLAN chipmakers get ready to rumble
Discussions with both Enhanced Wireless Consortium (EWC) members and Airgo Networks at CES revealed that the joint proposal that has been submitted for vote will most likely be approved in two weeks.

TDK showcases 100 Gb 2x Blu-ray disc
If the hardware industry has its way and digital content owners play along, first-generation Blu-ray and HD DVD may have a very short shelf life.

Samsung shows off first WiMAX notebook
We caught a glimpse of a notebook computer that can receive broadband data using the Korean WiBro 300 Mbps standard.

500 Gb likely the end of the line for current HDD storage technology
With literally millions of content items finding their way in the digital stream to various CE platforms over the coming months and years, there never has been a better time than today to be in the storage business.

First HD DVD players may be significantly cheaper than Blu-ray rivals
The Blu-ray and HD DVD camps used the day before the official opening of this year's CES to exchange gentle slaps in an effort to attract the interest and support from journalists. While Blu-ray proponents put an armada of players on display, it was Toshiba that scored at the end of the day.

EWC players raise MIMO ante to 300 Mbps
Today's announcement by Atheros of its 300 Mbps MIMO chipset shows once again that the consumer wireless LAN market is mainly a numbers game.

Multimedia WiFi device opens the door for Microsoft
The tiny-screen wars heat up at CES 2006, with a Windows Media device with a 3.5" screen, on-board flash, and SD.

Sony says no PS3 announcement this week
In response to reports that its chairman would reveal some secrets in advance of a formal unveling.

Pioneer places a premium on Blu-ray
Clearly indicating the market segment that the first high-definition optical equipment is intended for, Pioneer today unveiled its first Blu-ray disc recorders.

Mobile video standards to compete at CES
Several mobile phone and PDA manufacturers will be showing off their streaming video gadgets at CES 2006.

Xbox 360 overheating problem may get a fluid solution
CoolIT's approach is not rocket science, but rather a system that was retrofitted from existing PC cooling solutions.

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