CES 2007: Dell goes Green, introduces optional plant a tree purchase option

Las Vegas (NV) - Dell CEO Michael Dell announced that the company will be offering an inexpensive, around $2 - $6, option when buying a new computer to plant a tree which should offset the energy consumption of that machine.

The trees will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release it as oxygen, performing the opposite reaction to that which usually happens in conventional power generation. Dell will offset the administative costs of the enterprise, though the company is not giving details on how much these nowadays valuable green credentials will be costing the businesses bottom line.

In another one of his challenges to the industry Mr. Dell asked the technology industry to join his company in offering cheap and free recycling to customers in order to offset the damage done to the enviroment by the power hungry technology industry.

The plant a tree program will be rolled out fully to North America by February and worldwide by April.