Microsoft Dismisses Talk of Cheaper Xbox One

Late last month, there was talk that Microsoft might release alternate versions of the Xbox One later this year, including one without the Blu-ray drive. We posited that this could be a tactical move to reduce the price of the Xbox One in order to better compete with Sony's cheaper PS4. At the time, Microsoft told us it doesn't comment on rumor or speculation. A fairly run of the mill response for Redmond. However, in the week since, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has commented on the possibility of a cheaper Xbox One.

Responding to one Twitter user (@theanchormanv) who asked if there was any truth to talk of a $399 Xbox One, Greenberg responded, "No, you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet." Interestingly, TheAnchormanV never mentioned anything about a Blu-ray drive, so it's entirely possible Microsoft still plans to ditch the Blu-ray drive but keep the price closer to the current $499 price tag. Of course, it's also possible that Microsoft plans to change absolutely nothing at all. After all, the Xbox One is less than a year old. It is a little earlier for a 'slim' version. It was two years after the launch of the original Xbox 360 that the Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Arcade were announced. The new redesigned Xbox 360 S didn't come until 2010.

Other Xbox One rumors for this year include a larger capacity 1 TB model as well as a white version that is similar to the employee-only model Microsoft issued to members of the Xbox division.

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  • FloKid
    The games... they are not on blu-ray discs?
  • vaughn2k
    I still have an Xbox 360, and running pretty damn well. Maybe my next console would be kinda Steambox configuration so I can run high end games with considerable and cheaper components, and whats good it is a PC platform, Leap Motion's similar motion sensor like Kinect, is just around the corner... ;)
  • Stimpack
    If they were to announce it now, they would have a ton of people who decide to hold off instead of buying one this year. You could buy a PS4, though, and save that money right now.