Xbox One Coming in White; Could Shed Blu-ray to Lower Price

First up is talk of aesthetic changes. Larry Hryb said last year that there may be a white Xbox One far into the future, but recent rumors say we'll see it later this year. The Verge cites one NeoGAF poster as saying it will come in October with Sunset Overdrive. The Verge says it has independently verified that yes, a white Xbox is coming later this year, but there's been no official word from Microsoft just yet.

Aesthetic design is important, but apparently the color is not the only thing Microsoft is looking to tweak. Word has it that the company is also going to release a 1 TB version of the Xbox One in November. The current model has 500 GB of storage via an internal drive, so Microsoft would be doubling the onboard space. No doubt that's going to have an affect on price, something Microsoft's already faced criticism over compared to the PS4. 

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Perhaps most interesting is talk that Microsoft might release a version of the console without a Blu-ray Drive. Now that's intriguing. Microsoft has responded negatively to rumors that it might eventually sell the Xbox One without Kinect. The company believes Kinect is an essential part of the Xbox One experience, and it doesn't plan to sell the Xbox One without it. But is the Blu-ray drive as critical? Though consumers might not like having to get their games exclusively via digital distribution, we could easily see Microsoft dropping the disc drive and selling the console for less. Perhaps that could tie in with an option for more storage, too?

When contacted for comment about any the above, a Microsoft spokesperson gave us the usual, "Microsoft does not comment on speculation or rumors." Still, the company has made a lot of changes to the Xbox One since it was first announced last spring (enough for it to earn the nickname 'Xbox 180'). This could be a way for Microsoft to help gamers out a bit on the price.

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  • hakesterman
    They should Shed Kinect off it as Well, many buyers would go Konkers over it.
  • chuckydb
    They should get rid of Kinect too. THAT will lower the price!
  • deftonian
    They SHOULD make a white version.... it's racist that they don't!/sarcasm
  • rwpritchett
    Hey Microsoft, how about fixing the audio sync issues when using 24p first?
  • capt_taco
    Shed the Blu-Ray? How about shed the Kinect! Nobody wants that piece of poo.
  • hotroderx
    I wouldn't buy a XBOX One just because of Kinects. The thought of the system being in standby and the camera being there creeps me out. I dont like the idea that someone could be watching even if the chance is so remote that its almost nonexistent chance.
  • Wizard999
    I think what we will see come November is the current Xbox one at $450. A 1TB version at $500. And a non-bluray drive version at $400.The $400 unit would be for the casual gamer /sports/fitness crowd.The $400 version won't be for gamers. It will be for the casual crowd. At that point the number of applications and casual/Kinect games should have enough critical mass to attract the casual gamer or sports fan to the Xbox platform.
  • NightLight
    i think a lot of people will hit their bandwith caps in the foreseeable future, with sony and xbox's game streaming...
  • garikfox
    There already is a white version in existence, goto the below page and scroll about half way down.
  • stevencfitness
    Forget shedding garbage from kinect. Give me a WiiU without the silly gamepad for $100 less and we have an immediate deal in my book.
    I can always use a pc for anything else.