Cherry MX Speed (Silver) Switches Emerge

I popped a key cap off of the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard that had just arrived on my doorstep: Gray. The switches were gray. (Maybe silver.) These are Cherry’s new MX Speed switches that are designed to let you click and clack even faster than ever before.

Simply, it appears that the actuation point on these linear switches is shorter than on Cherry MX Reds--1.2mm compared to 2mm, respectively.

Cherry MX SpeedCherry MX SpeedCherry MX Speed RGBCherry MX Speed RGB

That may sound like a significant reduction, and percentage-wise it is, but note well that we’re talking about a distance of less than a millimeter. Add in the fact that the manufacturing tolerances for switches is several tenths of a millimeter, and you’re looking at an extremely minimal change here switch-to-switch, on average, from Reds to Speeds. They have the same 45g actuation force, too.

The Cherry MX Speed switches are mounted on a trio of new Corsair keyboards--new K70, K70 RGB and K65 RGB (the TKL version) models. Now, Corsair has multiple models of each product family, all with various Cherry MX switch types.

Cherry MX RedCherry MX RedCherry MX Red
Cherry MX BrownCherry MX Brown--
Cherry MX Blue----
Cherry MX Red (w/blue backlighting)----
Cherry MX Speed (gray)Cherry MX Speed (gray)Cherry MX Speed (gray)
$129.99$169.99$149.99 (Red)
$139.99 (Gray)

Also note that although the K70 Rapidfire ($129.99) and K70 RGB Rapidfire ($169.99) come in at the same price as their K70 and K70 RGB counterparts, the K65 RGB Rapidfire with MX Speed switches costs $10 less than the MX Red version, at $139.99.

Cherry MX Speed Silver Force CurveCherry MX Speed Silver Force Curve

Cherry MX Speed (Silver)Cherry MX Red
Actuation Point1.2 mm (+/-0.4 mm)2 mm (+/-0.4 mm)
Actuation Force45g45g
Lifespan50 million strokes50 million strokes
Total Travel3.4 mm4 mm

Update, 4/21/16, 6:58am PT: Based on additional information we received from Cherry after publishing this article, we've added more information.

Update, 4/22/16, 8am PT: Fixed typo.

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  • memadmax
    One of my co-workers brought one of these to work...

    I hate the thing, they should name it the world's most annoying keyboard...
  • dstarr3
    Well, great. I was having a hard enough time trying to choose between Reds and Browns, now I need to worry about Silvers, too. There is such a thing as too much choice, keyboard manufacturers.
  • AdviserKulikov
    One of my co-workers brought one of these to work... I hate the thing, they should name it the world's most annoying keyboard...

    They're not that much louder than an aggressive typist on a membrane keyboard, why the hate? Unless they brought in an MX blue keyboard, which is about the same as a model m, they're not that loud. If you don't like the volume of keyboards, you would have hated the old days in offices where everyone had buckling springs or typewriters.