Child of Eden Wowed the Crowd at PAX

One of the most impressive games shown at PAX was called Child of Eden, published by Ubisoft. The game is a rhythm-based motion adventure centralized on shooting flying objects with your hands.

Child of Eden

Running on an Xbox 360 Kinect system, the game gathered huge crowds due to its intense use of colors and particle effects. The gameplay is simple: you use your hand (sometimes both hands) to guide a reticle around the screen and shoot down certain colorful object. The game rewards you with an endless supply of explosions and psychedelic colors.

Ubisoft is accepting pre-orders for Child of Eden but the game won’t be out until sometime in June.

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  • wickedsnow
    Awesome graphics and gameplay!
  • Haserath
    That just looked like Starfox with lots of colors and very little aiming. Sorry, didn't impress me at all.
  • Fun for a few hours, never to be touched again.