Chuwi's Ryzen 9 4900H Mini PC Starts at $500

Chuwi RZBox
Chuwi RZBox (Image credit: Chuwi)

As Liliputing reported, the Chuwi RZBox, which starts at $500, will be up for pre-order very soon. Chuwi has planned to ship the mini PC out to its customers once the crowdfunding campaign finalizes on October 12.

Housed inside a 2-liter (7.4 x 7 x 2.4 inches) metallic case, the Chuwi RZBox is only a few inches taller than an iPhone 12. AMD's Ryzen 9 4900H processor, which wields eight Zen 2 cores with simultaneous multithreading (SMT), powers the RZBox. The 7nm processor ticks with a 3.3 GHz base clock and a 4.4 GHz boost clock. Thanks to the potent octa-core chip, the RZBox positions itself as a multi-purpose device.

Touted as the most powerful mini PC in its arsenal, Chuwi markets the RZBox as a capable gaming mini PC. The device depends on the Ryzen 9 4900H's integrated graphics, which brings eight Vega compute units at 1,750 MHz. The manufacturer's tests revealed that the RZBox offers a decent gaming performance in less graphically-intensive games, including Fortnite (60 FPS), Overwatch (68 FPS), Apex Legends (57 FPS) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (77 FPS). 

The mini PC held its own in other titles, such as Grand Theft Auto V (55 FPS), PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (51 FPS), Assassin's Creed Origins (30 FPS) and NBA 2K21 (60 FPS). Chuwi didn't share the resolution or graphics setting that were used for the tests, though.

Chuwi RZBox (Image credit: Chuwi)

The RZBox's size can be deceptive, but the mini PC features a pretty robust cooling system. According to Chuwi, the device comes equipped with a cooler that consists of two copper heat pipes and an 18-blade cooling fan.

There are ample options for upgrades on the Chuwi RZBox as well. The device comes equipped with two DDR4 SO-DIMM memory ports that support up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 memory. On the storage end, you have two M.2 2280 slots to accommodate PCIe NVMe SSDs, which are limited to PCIe 3.0 speeds, of course.

The RZBox makes for a nice mini PC for work. Serious multitaskers will be happy to know that the system supports up to three displays at 4K and 60Hz thanks to the DisplayPort output, HDMI 2.0 port and USB Type-C 2.0 port. There's even an old-school VGA port thrown into the mix too. USB connectivity includes three USB 2.0 Type-A ports and two USB 3.0 Type-A ports. Unfortunately, the RZBox doesn't come with wireless connectivity, so users will have to settle with the two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Chuwi plans to offer the RZBox in three configurations. There will be a barebones configuration, an option with 8GB of memory and 256GB SSD, and another option with 16GB of memory and 512GB SSD. The pricing is still subject to user voting, but the RZBox should cost around the $500 mark. You can preorder the device on Chuwi's official website between September 7 and October 12. Chuwi's also holding a free giveaway for 10 units of RZBox in case you want to try your hand at your luck.

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  • velocityg4
    USB 2.0 and VGA. What the heck were they thinking? Those spaces could've been used for modern ports.
  • abufrejoval
    Been trying to get a PN50 from Asus based on the 15-Watt variant last year, even managed to place an order, only to see the delivery date slip to infinity...

    So I got myself a NUC8, NUC10 and NUC11 instead to build a computer cluster, each one real catch either because of price (NUC8 i7 with Iris Plus for €300), availability (NUC11 i7-1165G7 for €550) or both (NUC10 with i7-10700U for €400) while anything not a laptop with U-Ryzen 4000 remained a paper product.

    With Ryzen 5000 U+H parts becoming slightly better available it seems they are finally releasing Ryzen 4000 stock to these small Chinese companies who will quickly turn them into a quicky product, that will run only as long as these stockpiles run out.

    Been seeing Ice Lake U-class and even the super rare hybrid AMD-Intel chip that was sold on a NUC7, I believe come out of some warehouse niche.

    The prices are really rather stiff and don't seem attractive against up-to-date list products. But those are quite simply never actually available.