CMS shipping "one-step backup" software for media files

CMS Products is shipping its "copy2go-Xpress" software that promises to search and backup media files on a hard-drive. Harddrive capacities have grown tremendously in the last year and some consumers are having a hard time keeping track of their many image, audio or movie files. Copy2go-Xpress allows users to search the entire drive for different media types: photos, music, or video and then back the files to another drive or accross a network.

The software runs on Windows 2000 or Windows XP and can support most external hard-drives. Multiple formats of media are supported, but it should be noted that the software is meant for media files and not for backing up Office documents such as Word or Excel.

copy2go-Xpress is bundled with CMS Products' line of portable hard-drives, but consumers can buy the software separately. Pricing, however, has not been announced.