Colorful Accidentally Reveals Eye-Popping iGame RTX 3090 Kudan

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Colorful has started a promotion campaign for its upcoming top-of-the-range graphics card, the iGame GeForce RTX Kudan, but the secrecy didn't last long — the company accidentally leaked its new design in its own blacked-out teaser image. Traditionally Colorful only makes a handful of boards for its Kudan products. They're built for extreme performance and eye-popping aesthetics, representing the most extreme boards built for the most extreme clocks.

ColorfulTech Korea published the above image of a mysterious 'iGame new product,' but then an enthusiast adjusted the image to reveal the hidden detail in the image below. The first image didn't expose any distinctive details except a thick profile, an over-the-bracket Z-height, and two connectors for a liquid cooling system that imply a hybrid cooling system.

South Korean enthusiasts and a member of the QuazarZone forum (via VideoCardz) were curious enough to try adjusting the image to reveal some more details. After playing with contrast and exposure, the investigator revealed Colorful's next-generation Kudan-series graphics card featuring a sophisticated cooling system with the typical Kudan aesthetics.

(Image credit: Quasar Forum Member)

Colorful uses only the highest-end Nvidia GPUs for its Kudan-series graphics cards, so a new 'iGame Kudan' is probably the iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Kudan, the most advanced graphics board in the company's lineup.

Since the iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Kudan's specifications are unknown, we can't really speculate about its performance. But for the Kudan series, Colorful typically designs a sophisticated printed circuit board (PCB) with a cutting-edge voltage regulating module (VRM) as well as a handpicked GPU with a high overclocking potential to top overclockability. A hybrid air and liquid cooling system top off the combination.

Colorful's Kudan is a limited-edition series, so the company hardly ever makes more than a few hundred cards. The boards are still not a proof-of-concept because the technologies used for the exclusive series aren't used with other products, but that's because Kudans are destined to be exclusive, just like in martial arts.

Kudan is the ninth-degree black belt in Japanese martial arts, the second-highest rank after Judan (tenth-degree dan, the absolute top in modern martial arts). Kudan is an extraordinary top-grade master because it is ranked beyond 99% of black belt holders. There is a reason why Colorful does not use Judan as a brand. Throughout known history, only 15 people have ever been promoted to the 10th-degree dan — Judan — in Japan. There are just a few of them alive as of our time. 

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  • lamurian
    "Kudan is a limited-edition series, so the company hardly ever makes more than a few hundred cards..."

    So, easier to get hold of than most GPU's then! Cool.
  • husker
    ...or is it an easter egg meant to be discovered in order for it to get featured article on tom'sHardware?