What It's Like Watching a Computer Illiterate

You know how to use computers, but not everyone else does. The majority of those people sitting in front of the keyboard today don't really know how to use a search engine properly with keywords and operators; but the fact is that computer and internet use are now beyond mainstream.

Still, I'm sure that many of you have seen yourself in this very position:

This video was originally featured on Reddit, and was based off of a comic strip. The comic strip features a slightly different ending too.

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  • ssddx
    while it may be true that quite a bit of the population may not be as computer saavy as tom's readers the very same people might look at us techies in the same way. the older generations often times are more saavy when it comes to the basics.

    how many of the tech's can honestly say you are as fluent in mechanical skills as either someone born in the 60's or the auto mechanic down the street? We all have our own little areas of expertise. of course some people just dont seem to get anything at all.

    Just something to think on.
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  • therabiddeer
    Its true! Its all true! This and people that type 10 words per minute frustrate me to no end!
  • pclee
    I was surprised to find out that fresh college graduates can't use Excel. They know a lot about PowerPoint though.
    People know how to post on Facebook via cell phone but they couldn't use a computer to save their life.