Cooler Master Keyboard Offers Wrists Leather Luxury

Cooler Master launched two new ten-keyless (TKL) gaming keyboards today, the CK530 and MK730, with one including a removable wrist rest. 

Both keyboards feature a similar minimalistic design, boasting the floating-key style atop a brushed aluminum top-plate. They also feature on-the-fly profile switching and even macro recording, accessible via dedicated key combinations. Macros and profiles, along with effects for each key’s individual RGB backlight, are all configurable via the Cooler Master Portal software.Cooler Master launched two new ten-keyless (TKL) gaming keyboards today, the CK530 and MK730, with one offering a free palm wrist. 

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

The MK730, being from the MasterKeys line-up is the higher-end model of the two. It offers choices between Blue, Brown and Red Cherry MX switches. There is also on-board storage for storing different profiles and macros and the Cooler Master's best rollover technologies that have been featured in the MasterKeys Pro line. Finally, you get a detachable USB Type-C cable, an extra front RGB light bar and a removable, magnetic PU leather wrist rest.

On the other hand, the MK530 features lacks the above amenities of the MK730’s amenities except for on-board storage. It substitutes Cherry MX switches for Gateron ones, also available in Blue, Brown and Red variants.

The CK530 retails for $69.99 whilst the MK730 is $119.99.

Cooler Master CK530 and MK730 Keyboard Specs

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Product NameCK530MK730
Switch TypeGateron (Red, Blue, Brown)Cherry MX (Red, Blue, Brown)
MaterialPlastic / AluminumPlastic / Aluminum / PU Leather
Polling Rate1,000 Hz1,000 Hz
Response Rate1ms / 1000Hz1ms / 1000Hz
MCU32bit ARM Cortex M332bit ARM Cortex M3
On board Memory512KB512KB
On-the-fly systemMulti-media, macro recording and lighting controlMulti-media, macro recording and lighting control
Multi-media KeysThrough FNThrough FN
Smart cable manager?Yes, 3 Ways
Wrist restRemovable, magnetic with soft PU Leather
CableFixed, rubberizedDetachable, braided USB Type-C
Software SupportPortalPortal
Connector CableUSB 2.0USB 2.0
Cable Length1.8m1.8m
Dimensions (LxWxH)380x135x40 mm360 x 192 x 41.5 mm 360 x 183.5 x 41.5 mm (without wrist rest)
Product Weight (without cable)749g (1.7 pounds)698g (1.5 pounds)
Warranty2 years2 years
  • Robert_388
    "PU leather" is not leather! #FAIL
  • Olle P
    21727534 said:
    "PU leather" is not leather! #FAIL
    The major fail is in the headline (and possibly CM marketing).
    It's neither leather nor luxury...

  • battcomp
    real leather wouldn't last and saying leather feel of luxury is old marketing over price keyboards are getting out of hand
  • jabliese
    Apparently Battcomp, you have never had anything that was real leather. And you won't find it here either.