Are You Ready To Win Parts For Your Back-To-School PC?

Are You Ready To Win Your Back-To-School Workstation?

Intel recently launched a 240 GB version of its SSD 330 drive and offered to send us one to review (check out Intel SSD 330 Review: 60, 120, And 180 GB Models Benchmarkedfor our evaluation of the other three capacities). We’re in the process of rounding up the new 240 GB SSD 330, along with several other interesting drives that missed our earlier SSD stories.

However, during the course of our discussion, we were asked if we wanted to give away any hardware heading into the back to school season. Of course. We love hooking you up with the same sort of gear we use every day in our testing labs.

So, Intel sent over six Core i7-3770Ks, six DZ77GA-70K motherboards, and six of the same SSD 330 240 GB drives we’re in the process of testing—more than $4500 worth of gear.

We also got the folks over at TalkingRain to chip in 80 cases of Sparking Ice water. Call it a smart alternative to what gets served at most college parties (oh, to be able to take back those freshman fifteen). Six lucky folks will take home processor, motherboard, and SSD bundles, while a full 40 more land two cases of flavored water each (that’s another $2400 in beverages).

To enter, simply fill out this sweepstakes form. We won’t do anything with your information other than contact you if you win. But do be sure to read the rules carefully—you have to be at least 18 and living in the United States (excluding Rhode Island) as a result of our lovely legal system. We’re just trying to operate within the boundaries of the law, after all.

  • azathoth
    States States States States
    Always the states.
  • Pennanen
    What is back to school computer? We use books in europe to study. :D
  • kriswitak
    Best of luck to everyone! :D
  • abitoms
    aaaaaaaaaaaa (sorry that's me screaming in frustration since this is restricted to the USA)
  • ricardok
    Thank god I have a friend in the USA.. :D And he is comming to Brazil on December...
  • Good luck :love:
  • Darkerson
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    For those that are mad at TH for not giving away outside the USA (as well as Rhode Island), it's not their fault. Blame the stupid laws regarding giveaways/contests in Europe and elsewhere.
  • joytech22
    Can't they open up this thing world-wide if the winners are willing to pay for shipping?
    Hell.. Beats buying the parts for their full price anyway.
  • magruder13
    You should make this only for college students and ones that are doing electrical engineering and love Tom's Hardware and live in Chicago. Then MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, I would have a chance at winning. ;-)

    Sorry people outside the US!
  • komikool
    I am highly inclined now to remove this sites from my favorites cuz of this US only BS.