Corsair 'Concept Zeus' Solves One Wireless Mouse Problem With Qi Charging

When it comes to wireless gaming mice, there are three general problems: wireless input lag, weight, and battery life. With its Concept Zeus, Corsair is planning to solve at least one of those by adding Qi charging to a mousepad and a new wireless mouse.

The whole thing is just a (working) concept at this point--Corsair was clear that Zeus really isn’t even in the prototype phase yet--but it works. Simply, you can slide the wireless mouse to a specified location on the mousepad, and it will charge. There’s a little circle on the mousepad so you know where to park the mouse. When the mouse is charging, the glowing logo on the palm rest will turn red, and an LED on the mousepad will blink.

The receiver is located in the mouse's palm rest. Corsair wouldn’t say how many watts that particular Qi charger would provide, but it does do 2 amps. You can also, of course, charge the mouse via an included detachable cable.

The mousepad can charge a Qi-enabled smartphone when you don’t have the mouse parked on the Qi pad, too. Zeus will come with a Lightning and micro-USB charging dongle so you can also juice phones that don't support Qi.

Specs on the mouse are sparse--or should we say, they’re non-existent at this point--but Corsair did say that it’s shooting for 36 hours of battery life on a single charge. The mouse, we were told, will “almost certainly” have RGB lighting. We also expect that whatever version of the mouse might make it to market will have seven programmable buttons.

There is no price yet, and even the sensor hasn’t been finalized.

Another issue with wireless mice is weight, because they need to have a battery inside, but we noticed that this mouse felt surprisingly lighter than what we expected. On this point, though, Corsair again refused to be pinned down, stating only that the final weight would probably be between 100-200g. (That’s a wide range; any mouse under 100g is pretty much considered a flyweight, but 200g is egregiously heavy for a mouse.) If Corsair can keep the weight low enough, though, the addition of the Qi wireless charging feature should entice more than a few consumers.

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  • falchard
    Would be interesting to approach it like tablet mice do. No need for a battery.
  • aisalem
    A4Tech has better tech over 10 years ago. My parents used one till February this year when I finally bought them new one (although the A4tech was still working after more than 10 years). Similar mouse:
  • mrmez
    So now my mousepad needs to be permanently plugged in because it's too hard to plug in my mouse for two minutes to get 9 hours battery life.