Corsair Announces Recall of Force 3 SSD 120GB

Corsair's Force 3 SSDs are fast – so fast that they left the production plant before Corsair could catch a show-stopping defect that means that all the 120GB drives out there in the wild must now all return home.

Below is the statement we received from Corsair:

Over the past several days, we have analyzed issues associated with the stability of our recently released 120GB Force Series 3 SSD (Corsair part number CSSD-F120GB3-BK). Our review has identified that a significant percentage of these drive do not operate to specification. The solution will require changes to both the SSD firmware and the hardware components of the SSD itself.

We’ve worked closely with our partners to determine a root cause but there is no single issue at fault.  I’m sure you’ll have questions about how this could happen but we can only say that our production test did not catch this combination of issues and we have implemented multiple corrective actions, involving both firmware and hardware, and are confident we have resolved all currently known issues.

This is our fault, our production tests didn’t catch the issue before the drives were shipped to the consumer and we take full responsibility for our products, which is why we’re asking for them to be returned and will be picking up return shipping.

For those affected, Corsair is directing everyone to its support forums where customers can arrange for their free return.

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  • apache_lives
    bad product, good Company :)

    good on you Corsair

    if only other companies were like this...
  • Murissokah
    Too bad, was looking foward to buy one of those.
  • alidan
    instead of trashing the hdds, i wish they would sell them on the cheap, to people who know their is a defect.