Corsair Announces Wireless K63 Keyboard With Accompanying Lap Board

LAS VEGAS, NV -- At CES 2018, Corsair announced a wireless version of its K63 tenkeyless mechanical keyboard and a new lap board accessory for it.

Corsair’s always had a regular K63, but it has now announced a new wireless version. Simply called the K63 Wireless, the new version adds 2.4GHz Bluetooth connectivity and 75 hours of battery life. Interestingly, Corsair highlights the wireless protocol’s 128-bit AES encryption. We’re sure this isn’t exclusive, even if most manufacturers don’t explicitly mention using it, but at least you can be confident that the K63 Wireless has it. Apart from that, the K63 Wireless has blue backlighting, instead of the regular K63’s red. From the latter, it inherits the full Cherry Red switches, media keys, and n-key rollover.

Corsair must have realized that a compact, wireless mechanical keyboard would be perfect for living room gaming, or that the Lapdog was sorely missing wireless functionality, because the K63 Wireless can be bought with a lap board attachment. Like the Lapdog, the new lap board is cushioned on the bottom and has a large mousepad on the right side. Being wireless, a large space where the cables were placed in the Lapdog has been saved, so the K63’s lap board can fit a wrist rest. The whole setup is also lighter at 2.94kg (K63 with lap board), compared to 2.63kg (Lapdog alone).

The K63 Wireless is available now at $110 (keyboard) or $160 (keyboard with lap board).

Model Type

K63 Wireless

Switch Type

Cherry Red

Actuation Force


Polling Rate




Additional Ports


Cable Type


Key Caps

Cherry stem

Key Rollover



Corsair CUE




366 x 173 x 41mm

System Requirements



Lap Board ($50)



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  • mihen
    Corsair keyboards are always really nice. My K65 has done a wonderful job.
    My first computer used a wireless mouse and keyboard over 2.4 Ghz wifi. After using that, I promised myself never again. I don't particularly find cables on a keyboard to be an issue.