Corsair introduces 1111 MHz "Dominator" memory

Forget 1 GHz memory, 1111 MHz is what you need. In what appears to be an accelerating race between performance memory manufacturers, Corsair has taken the lead. The company today announced its "DHX XMS2 Dominator memory series," which includes the first PC2-8888 memory. The modules are clocked at 1111 MHz at CAS 4 settings. Corsair also offers a "regular" and "lower-cost" PC2-8500 (1066 MHz, CL-5) version of the new memory.

Corsair claims that its new Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) of the memory devices is the "most advanced" thermal dissipation technology that allows RAM to run at lower temperatures - or higher clock speeds for that reason. In fact, the company believes that DHX is so effective that it guarantees "module reliability at over 2.5 volts (2.4 volts, +/- 5%) when combined with Corsair’s new "Airflow" fan"

Corsair Dominator Memory

New technologies aren’t cheap and Corsair’s Dominator memory is not an exception. Expect to pay between $380 and $400 for the 1066 MHz version in a 2 GB pack and between $600 and $650 for the 1111 MHz memory (2 x 1 GB). The Dominator Airflow fan will be offered for about $25.