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Corsair Unveils Five 80 Plus Gold PSUs In The New RMx Series

Corsair announced the release of its new RMx series of PSUs today, boasting 80 Plus Gold efficiency across the line.

In addition to the relatively high efficiency rating, all of these new PSUs are fully modular and feature a Zero-RPM fan mode for silent operations when the power load is low. These new PSUs take advantage of a custom made 140mm rifle-bearing fan in order to keep the PSU quiet and adequately cooled. Corsair claimed that all of these PSUs use high-quality Japanese capacitors that are rated to withstand up to 105°C of heat.

RMx 650

Because all of the cables in the unit can be removed, Corsair announced that it will produce a wide range of optional cable accessories, including a range of colored cables for matching the theme of your system.

Corsair RMx PSUs
550 W$109.99
650 W$119.99
750 W$129.99
850 W$149.99
1000 W$179.99

RMx 1000

Initially, only five new PSUs will be released in this series, but more will be available later. The first five models that are already available from several online retailers range between 550 W and 1000 W, and they come with a seven-year warranty.

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