Zalman Wants You Designing... [CLOSED!]

You tweak, you mod, you squeeze the most out of your system. But, wouldn't it be great, if you can get your favorite component manufacturer to design things the way you want?

That's exactly what Zalman wants.

Famous for its CPU-cooling solutions, Zalman is no stranger to overclockers. It was the first manufacturer to take silent, and fanless, coolers to the mainstream, and now to take things to the next level, Zalman wants your help. Come up with several creative ideas, and post them into the comments. We'll gather up all the feedback and give them Zalman.

The company wants creative ideas for the following:

- heatsink designs utilizing fans
- heatsink designs without fans
- liquid-cooling ideas

And if you so choose, any other creative hybrid designs you can think of. Basically, what would you use in your system if you were given the task of head-designer?

The top 3 ideas will win some prizes. We'll let everyone know the ideas picked in 2 weeks when Zalman tells us. So get started!


Zalman has picked 3 winners! Congratualations to:

- Someguynamedmatt- Andon48- ProDigit80

I will PM each directly with information on how to proceed. Congrats again to the three who were picked!

  • theshonen8899
    Heatpipe Direct Touch.
  • hardcore_gamer
    I'm in
  • IM0001
    No less than 12 Heatpipes. 100% copper. 2 120mm puller/pusher fans. The pusher will be between the heatpipes right above the CPU block. (Also make sure the heatpipes are on only 2 sides the the pusher fan could be replaced if need be. Blowing air up through fins that are curved toward the rear of the case where a puller fan would help pull the air through the fins and out the back of the case.

    Yes it would be a large fan.
  • dman3k
    I want to send them the Noctua heatsink prototypes but with direct touch...
  • theshonen8899
    Yeah if Zalman had Heatpipe Direct Touch coolers, the coolers would be the most amazing combination of cooling, quality, and value ever witnessed in the cooling industry.
  • theshonen8899
    Heatsinks with replaceable fans would be fantastic too.
  • they should try using a metal fir tree design to maximize surface area( like nature)
  • unholygregor
    A heatsink with shorter heatpipes, this will make the aluminium fins sit closer to the motherboard. and give more space in the case to make the fins bigger and increase surface area. A fan will be mounted on the fins which blows air out of the case, and because the whole unit is closer to the motherboard, the fan will draw air across the ram and northbridge more efficiently.

    For watercoolig, a cpu block which is extended to cover the chipset would be very useful, since consumers would only have to buy one waterblock and have 2 bases covered.
  • the_krasno
    I'd like a mainstream liquid cooling solution for graphics cards. Current options rely on the user being already familiar with liquid cooling and having it for the processor.
    A guy that is just getting into overclocking won't be sure of what cooling solutions are best for both a CPU and a GPU! If they make a relatively easy to understand system for that it could really boost liquid cooling's popularity, particularly for the GPU!
  • domenic
    I'll get started on Solidworks flow simulation