Crytek Announces 'VR First' Academic Program

Crytek is one of the only AAA studios shifting its focus on the future of virtual reality. The company is currently developing two VR launch titles: Robinson: The Journey for PSVR, and The Climb for Oculus Rift. Crytek has also put tremendous effort into implementing tools for VR development into its famous Cryengine suite, allowing other studios the ability to create graphically intensive VR experiences. And last week, the studio joined the Immersive Technology Alliance.

Today, Crytek announced VR First, a program designed to provide universities with resources needed for students to learn about the burgeoning VR industry. Through the VR First program, Crytek will provide selected academic institutions with free access to Cryengine source code. In addition, Crytek has partnered with unnamed hardware affiliates who will provide VR HMDs and computers to operate them with.

Crytek said that Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir University is the first beneficiary of the VR First program. The lab opened today and will be running as a pilot test, but Crytek said there will be more facilities coming. The company wishes to create "a global community equipped to embrace this exciting field of technology" and plans to open VR First facilities around the world.

Crytek is looking for interested affiliate partners and people interested in establishing VR First labs in various regions. For more information about Crytek’s VR First program, you can visit the VR First website. Crytek has a contact form for anyone interested in becoming a partner.

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