Multiple Notable Companies Join The Immersive Technology Alliance

The Immersive Technology Alliance, the same group that brought us the Immersed conferences in Toronto, Canada and Murcia, Spain, has had a number of high profile members join in recent weeks. In early December, AMD joined the alliance and Daryl Sartain, Director of VR for AMD, was appointed as the Chairman of the VR Council, jointly created by AMD and the ITA.

So far, January has been a big month for the ITA. Futuremark joined the alliance on January 4, as did Skybound Entertainment, the entity behind The Walking Dead series. Starbreeze Studios joined the alliance on January 8; Starbreeze is the publisher of games such as Payday 2 and the upcoming game, The Walking Dead, being created by Overkill. Starbreeze is also the company developing the StarVR headset, which Tom's Hardware tried at Immersed 2015 in September.

Crytek is the latest high-profile company to join the Immersive Technology Alliance. Crytek is well known for creating some of the most graphically demanding and impressive visuals found in any game. Crytek made the first Far Cry game before selling the rights to Ubisoft. The company then went on to create the Cryengine and the Crysis games. Recently, Crytek has focused much of its attention on VR development. The Cryengine has seen a number of updates to make the engine a good fit for virtual reality titles. Crytek also has two VR titles of its own coming out this year, The Climb, for Oculus Rift and Robinson: The Journey, which is a launch title for PSVR.

ITA's Executive Director, Neil Schneider, said "The alliance has worked with Crytek in one form or another over the course of years, and it's an honor that they have officially joined up."

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 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.