Crytek Teases Oculus Rift-Exclusive VR Game: 'The Climb'

In addition to developing Robinson: The Journey, it seems that Crytek is working on another VR game, simply called The Climb. As the title suggests, you’ll take on the role of a mountain climber to scale multiple rock faces, find the right handholds, and avoid falling, all for the ultimate goal of reaching the top.

The one-minute teaser showed some early gameplay with the player climbing an isolated cliff in a tropical climate. All you see of your character are your hands, grabbing any sort of ledge on the cliff to continue the climb. At the end of the trailer, you’re transported to a helicopter that shows the area around the cliff -- a tall mountain, waterfalls, and even a temple-like structure at the top of one of the smaller mountains. Obviously, the fear of accidentally slipping and falling to your death is frightening, as one part of the trailer shows, but it’s all part of the experience of playing the game in VR.

Crytek showed something similar to The Climb back at E3 with Back to Dinosaur Island 2. Like The Climb trailer, you had to ascend the face of a tall mountain while avoiding falling rocks and pterodactyls. However, that demo had you only clinging onto a system of pulleys that pulled you up, whereas The Climb insists on a free-climb approach. Back to Dinosaur Island 2, along with the original Back to Dinosaur Island, were initially intended solely to show off Crytek’s plans for VR, but in our interview with David Bowman, the company’s director of production, he revealed that both demos were the foundation for the company’s upcoming game, Robinson: The Journey.

Unlike Robinson: The Journey, The Climb will be an exclusive title for the Oculus Rift HMD. However, Crytek said in the past that it’s working with as many VR partners as possible to brings other titles, like Robinson: The Journey, to as many platforms as possible. A release date for both games has yet to be revealed.


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  • d_kuhn
    That games looks like it might be a LOT of fun. I wonder if something like this could be used to get people over fear of heights.
  • Zapin
    The larger the base of VR users the better it is for everybody interested in VR so going facebook exclusive does a disservice to the medium imo.
  • scolaner
    That games looks like it might be a LOT of fun. I wonder if something like this could be used to get people over fear of heights.

    Or terrify people with a fear of heights. ;)
  • clonazepam
    I'm interested, as long as I can get the full experience with my butt firmly planted in my chair. Safety first!
  • kyd15
    Where is the next Crysis?