2 PCs In 1: CUPP Showcases ARM For Notebooks

Simply replace a mobile hard drive with a 2.5-inch module, which integrates a TI 1 GHz OMAP DM3730 processor, 512 MB memory, a W-Fi chip as well as two interfaces for SD card slots. There is also a Mini PCIe connect to an SSD, which can be used to boot the notebook. According to the manufacturer CUPP Computing, the "Punk This" module enables users to achieve web surfing times of about 20 hours - and up to 40 hours with a low-power PixelQi screen.

The technology is also available with a desktop enclosure to be used as a media center, terminal or general connected device to provide web connectivity with low power consumption. The manufacturer includes Ubuntu Linux and Android 2.3 as operating system environments. The price for an individual module is promised to be less than $200 when the hardware is expected to become available later this year.

While we find a simple swap of hard drive and the Punk This module particularly enticing, the manufacturer is clearly heading down the OEM route where users can choose to use their notebook in a higher-performance x86 mode or as a simple web-browsing device. The integrated OS environment is provided as an "open platform" to give users the ability to modify their OS and its functionality.

  • eklipz330
    is the article title a reference to a 2 girls 1 cup?

    my mind is soiled.
  • zak_mckraken
    Yeah, the pun was pretty obvious. Good one though!
  • schmich
    eklipz330is the article title a reference to a 2 girls 1 cup?my mind is soiled.What? No? That would have been something like "2 PCs 1 container" or "2 PCs 1 enclosure" etc.
  • flowingbass
    So the System on a chip will draw power from a laptop's sata port then has the ability to output display thru sata (i didnt know that would be possible), override the main system's CPU and RAM and chipset so that the system would boot on the SOC and can accommodate a 1.8inch drive for storage thru a port that sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Why didnt they just make one that can be pluggen to a socket has a vga a port and the rest will explain itself all in the size of a 2.5inch hdd.
  • fir_ser
    This should be useful in dual drive bay laptops so the user could choose from were to boot.
  • K2N hater
    Nice if they prove their claims...

    Now, back to the real world, I don't think many will ever be spending 6+ hours of web browsing away from a power outlet.
  • ginjaninja
    schmichWhat? No? That would have been something like "2 PCs 1 container" or "2 PCs 1 enclosure" etc.it makes sense if you remove the punctuation then it reads
    "2 PCs In 1 CUPP"