Custom PCB Lets You Stick a Raspberry Pi Inside a Sega Game Gear

(Image credit: Zarcadeuk)

If your Sega Game Gear has bit the dust, you may want to spruce it up with a Raspberry Pi, like maker Zarcadeuk! This cool project features a custom PCB designed to allow a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ to live inside a Game Gear shell.

After browsing the internet for cool Game Gear mods, Zarcadeuk decided to opt for a more plug-and-play Raspberry Pi project. This quickly turned into a custom PCB design that could easily be dropped inside a Game Gear case with minimal modification to the original hardware.

Zarcadeuk created the board design and manufactured it through EasyEDA. This platform made the process easy, as it creates boards on demand for customers. All you have to do is submit a board design to get them made to order.

According to Zarcadeuk, the kit works with only two buttons. The maker replaced the brightness wheel  with a Select button, giving the user A, B, Select and Start options. If you're running RetroPie on Raspberry Pi, you can easily play some NES ROMs with that small selection of buttons.

You can see a 3.2-inch LCD screen soldered to the front. The device is powered using a Petrockblock Powerblock and features safe shutdown options. Plus, the battery is recharged with a lithium battery charger module.

If you want to get your hands on one of these boards, you're in luck. Zarcadeuk expressed interest in producing kits to sell for anyone wanting to recreate this project. Check out the full thread on Reddit to explore this project in detail, and be sure to follow Zarcadeuk for more updates.

Ash Hill
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