D-Link's Uniquely-Shaped DWA-192 Wi-Fi USB Adapter

As online content from sources such as gaming and 4K video pushes the demand for faster and more reliable networking speeds, having an updated router is only half the battle. This week, D-Link added a new AC 1900 Wi-Fi USB adapter, the D-Link DWA-192, to its current wireless product lineup. 

Using a computer's USB 3.0 interface and 3x3 antennas, the DWA-192 adds faster wireless speed to existing machines, while also extending range using D-Link's Smartbeam technology. Compatible with both Mac and PC, the new dual-band adapter also sports a unique round shape that is sure to capture people's attention.

Whereas most standard routers emit omnidirectional waves that help spread connectivity in a broader area, range does get sacrificed here. The AC Smartbeam technology used by the DWA-192 USB adapter alleviates this problem and increases signal strength by focusing its signal on the source of connection, increasing range and quality, making the adapter ideal for homes with larger spaces.

In regard to compatibility, D-Link's new Wi-Fi USB adapter works with older wireless hardware using 802.11n/g/a technology, and according to the company, regardless of your current home network setup, the DWA-192 works will all brands of routers.

Weighing 0.65 lbs., the DWA-192 is designed to support speeds of up to 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz, and it comes equipped with 3x3 internal antennas. For security, the device also supports WPA/WPA2 encryption. The adapter also provides an accessible button to use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to establish a secure connection.

With a shape reminiscent of a certain children's program ("D-Link, I choose you!"), the D-Link DWA-192 is available now at major online retailers such as Amazon.com and Newegg.com, as well as other D-Link retail and e-tail outlets for an estimated price of $99.99 USD.

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  • James Mason
    "My neighbor's internet strength is stronger than mine! D-linkball GO!"
    You have successfully connected to the internet.
  • HideOut
    Id like to see a networking story on newer AC setups, especially on the client side. Few people actually have client AC yet and it would be nice to see some updated info.
  • vmem
    "With a shape reminiscent of a certain children's program ("D-Link, I choose you!")"

    Best and most important sentence in this article :)
  • gorfmaster1
    I hope it is Wireless AC Wave 2
  • hydac8
    I have had a lot of bad experiences with D-link products , I am going to stay away from this brand for a very long time