DARPA Grand Challenge 2005: The road to victory

23 robotic vehicles started in the Grand Challenge 2005, but only five crossed finish line. TG Daily and Mobility Guru covered the qualification and race extensively. Read about the Stanford team, which won the race and collected the $2 million jackpot, as well as about other teams that competed in the Challenge.

TG Daily live race coverage:

Stanford's Stanley wins DARPA Grand Challenge 2005

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Row 0 - Cell 0
Stanford's Stanley left the competition in the dust

Interviews and team coverage:

Money isn't everything to mastering the Grand Challenge

Team Stanford aiming for the jackpot at DARPA Grand Challenge 2005

"Blue Team" runs self-righting motorcycle at DARPA Grand Challenge

DARPA Grand Challenge update #3: Interview with Team Cornell

DARPA Grand Challenge update #2: A chat with Team Mojavaton

2005 Grand Challenge Qualifications:

DARPA Grand Challenge Vehicles Face Many Obstacles To Qualify

DARPA Selects 23 Teams for the Grand Challenge

DARPA Grand Challenge update #1: Qualification day 1 results

Gearing up for the DARPA Grand Challenge

2004 Coverage

If you want to compare how this year's contestants did versus last year, you can look up our two 2004 articles.

Robot Vehicles: Grand DARPA Challenge: Part 1

Robot Vehicles: Grand DARPA Challenge: Part 2