Metadot's Das Keyboard 4 Professional For Mac Features Greetech Switches

Metadot doesn't want to leave Mac users behind when it comes to mechanical keyboards, so the Austin, Texas-based company has created a Mac version of the high-end Das Keyboard 4 Professional.

For the most part, the Mac and Windows versions are identical. Both include the media controls along with the volume knob, there are still two USB 3.0 slots located on the top end of the keyboard, and both have that long 6.5-foot USB cable. The NKRO feature via USB is included, and even the riser, which doubles as a ruler, made a comeback.

So what's new in the Mac version? For one, a few Mac-specific keys replaced some of the original keys such as Command, Alt/Option, and Fn. The Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause keys are also replaced with the F13 and the brightness level keys. Finally, the Insert button has been removed to make space for the Eject key, and the Num Lock key was replaced with the Clear key.

Another big change from the PC version is the key switches. Both include gold-plated contacts, but the Windows version uses Cherry MX Brown and Blue switches while the Mac version utilizes Greetech Brown and Blue switches, just like the 4C model. It's still unclear as to why Metadot chose Greetech over Cherry; the company won't comment on the issue.

The Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac is available today and will cost you a hefty $175. If you really don't care about the Mac-specific keys and prefer the Cherry switches, you can still use the Windows version on a Mac and pay the slighter lower price of $169. Users might be a bit skeptical of the Greetech switches, but until we get our hands on two keyboards that feature both switches and do some testing, we don't have much advice to share on which switches are better.

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  • TechyInAZ
    I always wondered why I never have seen an aftermarket mac keyboard, glad they make them so mac users aren't left with no options.

    But wow that's a hefty price for a mechanical keyboard, you can find a brand new Corsair K70 with led lights with mechanical switches for only $120.
  • genz
    Cherry switches were the best when they came out. That was a LONG time ago. Maybe we shouldn't be so brand adherent and actually test the switches before we make a point of asking "why not Cherry?"