'Dawn Of War III' Gets New Modding Tools, Steam Workshop Support

A new update will be available for Dawn of War III sometime today. In addition to the usual gameplay tweaks and balances, more modding tools will become available. In addition, current mods will soon be installed with a single click thanks to the addition of Steam Workshop support.

In the past, mod creators could use the game’s Essence Engine to make new game modes or specific multiplayer scenarios. With this update, Relic will add an Attribute Editor and Tuning Pack to the mix. These new tools allow modders to create their own balance changes to multiple units by creating new abilities or eliminating them altogether for specific infantry soldiers or vehicles.

The addition of Steam Workshop support is also welcome, as it makes the implementation of mods much easier. With a single click, your favorite add-ons are installed. Relic also mentioned that the newly introduced mod tools will also work with the Steam Workshop. This allows you to try different game modes and scenarios with custom-tweaked units to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable or challenging.

Apart from these additions, Relic also changed multiple aspects of gameplay. For instance, any health upgrades for vehicles will now also apply to player-created structures. Those who prefer a defensive stance in the early stages of a match can now build even more turrets as the Power cost to produce them decreased from 60 to 50 points. You can read the lengthy and detailed patch notes in full, which include multiple changes to each of the three playable races and bug fixes, on the game’s Steam page. If you want to check out the custom side of Dawn of War III, visit its modding website where you can read up on the current tools used to create custom scenarios, game modes, and unit changes.

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NameDawn of War III
TypeReal-time strategy
DeveloperRelic Entertainment
Release DateApril 27
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  • mortsmi7
    Sounds like DoW3 might actually become a proper game, sort of....
  • RomeoReject
    Agreed, this gives me hope that by neutering the Hero units and expanding the "standard" units, we can mold it in to an actual RTS.