Dell Announces Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One PC

Dell's new all-in-one PC, the Inspiron 20 3000, though entry level, still packs some neat features for its price. Though it clocks in only at $449 ($349.99 for the non-touch series), the Inspiron 20 3000 comes with an internal subwoofer and a 19.5 inch HD display, making it perfect as an family entertainment device. The AIO's light design also allows it to be unplugged and carried around easily for either work or play. 

According to the Dell website, the Inspiron 20 3000 can pack up to a 4th gen Intel i3 processor, 8 gigs of memory, and 1 TB of storage. The Inspiron 20 3000 will be available in the U.S. starting July 1st. For now, non-touch versions of it are available starting at $349.99.

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