Dell Launches Internet of Things Lab In California

Dell announced on Tuesday that it has opened an Internet of Things (IoT) lab in the Dell Silicon Valley Solution Center in Santa Clara, California. This lab was erected to help Dell partners develop, test and launch IoT "solutions" with an accelerated time to market.

According to the company, its Dell OEM Solutions branch is one of the premier members of Intel's Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Intel will help fund the new IoT lab, which will provide active bench space to customers so they can create and modify IoT solutions.

"Customers can demonstrate large workloads, connectivity, and data modeling and extraction on Dell's end-to-end solutions, including Dell storage as well as Dell PowerEdge servers and blade servers utilizing Dell Software solutions. As a result, Dell OEM customers can significantly speed up their time to market with new IoT solutions and devices," the press release said.

Dell and Intel are part of the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC). This consortium is responsible for the standards for connecting gadgets and appliances together in the household. Dell said that the two companies began their collaboration earlier this year and have worked on several solutions including building automation for "smart" buildings.

Joyce Mullen, vice president and general manager of Dell OEM Solutions, said that the new lab will be packed with highly skilled engineers and technicians. The lab is designed to be an "active space," she said, allowing partners to validate and test their solutions on Dell-based software and hardware.

"The scope of connected devices is limitless, and it will take great minds from all over the globe innovating together to build a truly connected world," said Intel's Doug Davis, vice president and general manager, Internet of Things Group. "The Dell Internet of Things Lab co-funded by Intel will help accelerate that innovation so the full potential of the Internet of Things can be realized."

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