Origin PC Now Offers Intel Z97 Motherboards

Florida-based Origin PC announced last week that it's become the first system builder to offer motherboards based on the new Intel Z97 chipset (9-series). The option is now available in its line of Genesis, Millennium, and Chronos desktops.

"The new Intel 9-series chipset raises the bar by adding support for solid-state drives in PCIe M.2 form-factor, Intel device protection with boot guard technology and Intel Rapid Storage technology with support for PCI Express-based storage drives," states the PR. "The new 9-series also features support for a new set of Intel Core processors with a speed boost to bring power and efficiency to the next level."

Using the Genesis gaming rig as an example, PC gamers will find the option to choose the new chipset in Step 3 "Tech Kit" during the customization, one of three options including the Intel X79 chipset and the AMD 990FX. Moving on from there, motherboard choices include the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI, the ASUS Maximus VII Ranger, the ASUS Z97 Deluxe and the EVGA Z97 Classified.

On the CPU front, the options include Intel's Core i5-4460, a Core i5-4670K, an overclocked Core i5-4670K, a Core i7-4790, a Core i7-4770K, and an overclocked Core i7-4770K. Using the Z97 chipset drops the initial price just a hair, allowing the customer to spend the difference made on a faster CPU.

Motherboards supporting the fifth-generation refreshed "Haswell" processors have started to appear over the last several weeks, including Gigabyte, which just announced a full range of 9-Series Z97 and H97 motherboards including the G1 Gaming, the Super Overclocking (SOC), the Ultra Durable Black Edition, and the Ultra Durable. As previously pointed out, Origin PC is using one of Gigabyte's Ultra Durable boards.

To build an Origin PC with the new X97 chipset, head here. The Genesis line has a starting price of $1,736, the Millennium with a starting price of $1,674, and the Chronos with a starting price of $1,159.

  • Mac266
    Typo :P last paragraph, x97 should be z97
  • cats_Paw
    Another revamp of the i5-2XXX? I think I can wait for the next best thing, as my Q6600 still manages most games nowdays with playable framerates.