A Look At The First DLC For 'Destiny 2'

Destiny 2 just came out a few days ago, and already more information about its upcoming content came out in the past few days. In addition to Bungie’s preview of weekly events for the month, leaked information about the first piece of downloadable content (DLC) surfaced, and it gave us a glimpse into what fans can expect in the near future.

Hello Mercury

The name of the DLC is “Curse of Osiris,” and it’s one of two additional pieces of content included in the game’s expansion pass. The accidental leak, which appeared on Microsoft’s online store, was confirmed by Eric Osborne, Bungie’s marketing director, on Twitter. The DLC includes additional story missions and quests, which take place on Mercury, in a location called the Infinite Forest. The main storyline will center around the legendary Warlock Osiris and his ties to Ikora Rey, one of the main characters in the series.

Even though you couldn’t fully explore Mercury in the first game, you could visit one specific area on the planet: the famed Lighthouse social space. However, it was accessible only through the highly competitive Trials of Osiris event, which pitted two teams of three players against each other. If your team achieved a “Flawless Victory” in the Trials (nine wins and zero losses), you could visit the Lighthouse and get exclusive gear.

In addition to the story quests, the DLC also includes new cooperative missions and maps for the player-versus-player Crucible mode. You’ll also get the chance to earn new weapons, armor, and additional items within the new area.

The Road Ahead

As part of its weekly “This Week at Bungie” post, the studio also gave its fans a preview of upcoming weekly content for the rest of the month. Similar to the first game, weekly events will start anew every Tuesday. This includes the Nightfall Strikes, which are tough cooperative missions due to their time limit and gameplay modifiers, and Flashpoint missions, which require you to complete a series of Public Events on a specific planet for better loot.

On Wednesday, September 13, Bungie will open the doors to its first raid in Destiny 2, which is called “The Leviathan.” Two days later, the Trials of the Nine, which is an evolved version of Destiny 1’s Trials of Osiris, will begin. On the same day, Xur, a member of a mysterious group called the Nine, will make an appearance. He sells powerful weapons and armor that could give you a leg up in quests, raids, or Crucible matches.

Just The Beginning

The planned content for September alone should give players more than enough to do in the opening month of Destiny 2. Bungie has yet to reveal a specific release date for “Curse of Osiris” or the second expansion in the pass, but we know that they’re due sometime this winter and Spring 2018, respectively. If you want to get both DLC packs ahead of their releases, you can buy them as a standalone bundle for $35.

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  • ToastyBunz
    When they start talking DLC right after launch I start talking about 50% off sales on steam and waiting for the game.
  • wifiburger
    oh yes please more trash destiny ! they figured why not "leak" dlc info since the game is already garbage and they want to keep this hot turd in the news
  • wifiburger
    actually Destiny 1 silver ended up on Steam for few minutes , so why would Valve put that there ??? It looks like Destiny 1 might get ported to the PC afterall and will be on Steam soon :-)
  • Brian_227
    Why would they release D1 now? They're going to release the sequel on PC in a month, nobody is going to want the first one.
  • Gam3r01
    20162222 said:
    Why would they release D1 now? They're going to release the sequel on PC in a month, nobody is going to want the first one.

    Possibly because there are thousands of people on PC who have never played destiny 1 and probably want to get the first game out of the way before they buy the second? Its almost like its a simple concept.
    Additionally, some people cant afford a 60 dollar launch title plus DLC, but would still like to play it once it gets cheaper (as in years after launch)