Bungie Drops Details On The First Three Weeks Of 'Destiny 2' On PC

More information about the PC version of Destiny 2 came by way of the weekly “This Week at Bungie” blog post. Specifically, the post mentioned the timeline of upcoming activities over the next few weeks as well as known issues ahead of the game’s release.

Aside from the main campaign, side quests, Strikes, and the Crucible, Destiny 2 PC owners can also attempt a tougher challenge by taking on the Nightfall Strike at launch. For the uninitiated, the Nightfall is a tougher variant of a Strike due to its stronger enemies, challenging modifiers, and a time limit. If you and your fireteam still think that the Nightfall is a walk in the park, you can attempt its Prestige version. In addition to tougher enemies and a stricter time limit, you won’t be able to change your weapon and gear loadout so plan accordingly. During this opening week you can also help out other players who might have some difficulty completing the Nightfall through the Guided Games system. In order to be a guide, you’ll need to meet the Power level requirements and turn in a Guided Games ticket.

The week following the release adds two more endgame activities to test your fireteam. First up is the Leviathan raid, which requires six players. Then at the end of the week, the uber-competitive player-versus-player Trials of the Nine, where you can earn even more powerful weapons and gear. On the third week, Bungie will add the harder Prestige mode for the Leviathan raid, and you’ll be able to help other players through it with the launch of the Raid Guided Games variant.

No game launch is without its own share of hiccups, and there are a few technical issues that you might encounter when playing the game. In addition to the Bungie’s hilariously-named error codes, you might also have some issues if you’re playing on a tri-screen setup or if you’re disabling VSync while running the game at non-native resolutions. For the full list of issues visit Bungie's post on the subject.

If you want to learn more about the game, check out our hands-on coverage of the beta. Also make sure that your PC also meets the hardware requirements before you decide to shop for new parts over the weekend.

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