Your "digital living" will be worth $300 billion per year by 2010 - report

Dallas (TX) - According to a new report out by technology research firm Parks Associates, the amount of money spent on digital living products and services, like mobile phone and Internet costs, will reach $300 billion within four years.

Digital Living 2006 outlines the growth of advanced technology products over the next few years, and says that by this time in 2010, broadband and communications services will see $229 billion in revenue. More than $71 billion will also be spent on other digital products in 2010, like MP3 and video files, says Parks Associates.

Kurt Scherf, principal analyst and VP of Parks Associated, says, "Recent investment and developments in such services as broadband access and television, including the shift to digital and IP delivery of communications and entertainment services, have given rise to a host of new digital living products and services."