Become An Assassin-For-Hire With Contracts In 'Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider'

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider arrives in about two weeks, and Arkane revealed more of its content. In addition to the primary objective of killing the all-powerful Outsider, you can further explore the city of Karnaca by taking on Contract missions.

Contracts adhere to Billie Lurk’s (the main protagonist) background as an assassin. She had to constantly find new ways of income in order to survive, and one of those methods involved killing other people for money. These Contracts also serve as additional exposition on the city of Karnaca. Some of these special missions will take you to new parts of the city where you'll encounter more characters and challenges.

As you travel through the city of Karnaca, prospective clients will post their assassination contracts in Black Market shops. Just like other missions in the Dishonored series, it seems that Contracts will also let you complete objectives in various ways. You can kill any foe that stands in your way, or you can find an alternative route that keeps you away from patrols. The studio released a brief synopsis of four Contracts, which you can view below.

Kidnap the Bartender: The bartender in the Spector Club (an exclusive club run by the Eyeless, a new faction in Death of the Outsider) has made some enemies, and one in particular wants him to disappear for a little while so he can think about what he’s done. In this particular Contract, we have to kidnap the bartender from the busy club and deposit him – still alive – in a crate sitting on a rooftop.Death to the Mime: Someone in Karnaca really hates mimes. If we can remove one particular mime from the picture and make it look like an accident, we’ll receive a healthy stipend. Lucky for us, he plies his silent trade near the district’s infamous suicide spots. (Smith points to this particular Contract as perhaps his favorite in the game.)Workplace Harassment: A bank employee is being threatened on a regular basis and they want it to stop. The client figures the woman bullying them must be working for someone, and they want the abuse to stop. It’s up to us to trail this troublesome “customer” back to her associates and kill them all. This was a good opportunity to put our new Foresight ability to the test and mark her so we wouldn’t lose her.The Missing Brother: There’s a missing brother and just one clue: the Spector Club. We’ll have to search the club, locate the missing man and deliver him to his brother’s cabin alongside the canal. Of course, getting him out of the club without anyone noticing could be tricky.

As you progress through these missions, it’s wise to continually save your progress. You can fail a Contract and not reap the rewards, so you might want to keep an old save so that you can try it again. If you find that a mission is somewhat difficult with Lurk’s powers, you can try it again in a subsequent playthrough on Original Game Plus Mode difficulty, which allows you to use the powers of Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano from Dishonored 2.

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Release DateSeptember 15, 2017
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