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Linux: Now 400 Distributions Strong

A new report now lists 400 different Linux distributions that are currently available.

According to the GLDT project, the Linux environment has grown by 10 new distributions over the past two months and more than 50 over the past six months. Among the new entries between September and October are candidates such as AtheOS, DreamStudio, Garuda or Syllable. Debian remains the most populated Linux branch with 114 different choices - among them flavors such Knoppix and Ubuntu. Redhat is the next largest branch, followed by Slackware and smaller branches such as Arch, Enoch, or Sorcerer.

A chart that is offered by GLDT for download includes the history of distributions that also includes once promising packages that are long gone - among them Lindows (Linspire), Xandros, Caldera, or LinuxPPC.

According to StatCounter, Linux currently has only 0.84 percent global market share among Internet users.