CES 2006: Divx to cooperate with Google, schedules launch of video download service

According to Divx representatives, the talks are in a very early stage and details still have to be discussed and determined. However, Divx' role in Google appears not be in direct connection with the search engine's announcement of a commercial video download service. Instead, Divx will help Google to move video content across various device types and ultimately onto the TV screen. Of course, content will only be able to be moved, if it carries a digital rights management platform and if devices are "secure. Susan Wojcicki, Google's vice president of product management said that "Google video's goal is to make the world's video content more accessible" to people. "We want to reach a point when consumers can easily access the content that is important to them from Google whenever they want and enjoy that content on a variety of devices."

There were no details available when Divx technology may be included in Google's technologies.

In a separate announcement, Divx officials told TG Daily that the company plans to introduce its own commercial video download service sometime in the second half of this year. While specifics on the service were not available, it is apparent that Divx will offer a large array of popular video content that is licensed from a variety of sources and will be available in HD quality. Divx also released some specifics on the digital rights management that comes wit the service and the offered content. According to representatives, downloaded content will be tied to a specific person who can make the movie available on any five devices at any given time.

While this number appears to be very low - especially in the context of the consumer electronics industry's claim that the average household now owns 25 CE devices - any Divx video capable device will be able to play the content - just not more than five devices at the same time. According to Divx officials, content holders wanted to restrict the number even to three devices, while the Divx was targeting "seven or eight."

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