DIYer Turns Chunky PS5 Into a 2cm Watercooled PS5 Slim

PlayStation 5 Slim
PlayStation 5 Slim (Image credit: DIY Perks/YouTube)

Checking in with a footprint of 390 x 260 x 104mm (92mm on the digital version), the PlayStation 5 is one of the largest consoles that Sony has ever made. While the company typically releases a slim variant of its consoles three or four years later, Matt from DIY Perks has created his rendition of the PlayStation 5 Slim. And as the cherry on the top, he even added a custom liquid cooling loop to improve thermal performance.

The PlayStation 5 digital edition is 92mm thick, and Matt's ambitious goal was to bring the console's thickness down to 20mm, an impressive 78% reduction. For comparison, a conventional single-disc DVD case is 15mm, so the envisioned PlayStation 5 Slim will only be marginally thicker. Logically, that means that Matt must dump everything from the case to the heatsinks to hit his thickness target. Unfortunately, the only piece of component that he salvaged from the original PlayStation 5 was the motherboard.

The YouTuber carved his full-cover water block for the motherboard, flash storage, power circuitry, VRM, and custom heatsinks for the other components, like the GDDR6 chips. He also made a slick copper case for the project. Admittedly, the copper sheets alone cost more than the PlayStation 5. It's a "for the science" type of project and one that isn't feasible for most consumers.

The PlayStation 5's original power supply delivers 31A at 12V, making it easy for the DIYer to find a proper alternative. Matt replaced the unit with an HP DP5-750RB A power supply with a capacity of 750W. It offers up to 62.5A at 12V, which is more than enough to power the PlayStation 5 and Matt's custom water cooling loop.

The YouTuber built a long, external aluminum case to house the power supply and the water cooling components. For the latter, he tapped one of Alphacool's 7x40 slim radiators coupled with seven tiny Noctua NF-A4x20 fans for heat dissipation and an unspecified reservoir and pump.

Matt's first attempt ended badly as the console froze during his tests and consequently refused to turn on. Not happy with his failure, the DIYer sourced another PlayStation 5 console and finally got his project back on track.

Besides being slimmer than the original PlayStation 5, Matt also wanted to reduce the operating temperatures, which is where his custom water cooling loop comes in. He added three temperature probes to measure the AMD SoC (Oberon), the memory, and VRM. He ran Horizon Forbidden West for several hours and recorded 46 degrees Celsius on the SoC. Since the temperature probe isn't inside the SoC, he estimated the temperature to be around 65 degrees Celsius. The memory posted temperatures of 52 degrees Celsius, whereas the VRM only heated up to 44 degrees Celsius.

Matt compared his results to Gamers Nexus' thermal tests for the vanilla PlayStation 5. Gamers Nexus recorded 75 degrees Celsius on the SoC, 95 degrees Celsius on the memory, and 71 degrees Celsius on the VRM. In comparison, Matt's PlayStation 5 Slim saw 13% lower temperatures on the SoC, 45% on the memory, and 38% on the VRM.

It's just a matter of time before Sony releases the official PlayStation 5 Slim. Although the upcoming console will be thinner than the original, we don't expect it to be in the same alley as Matt's creation. One thing's for sure, though. The PlayStation 5 Slim will likely be cheaper than the regular versions.

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  • LastStanding
    Nice project but it is not practical for the average consumer, though.
  • LuxZg
    Except that his power supply and cooling alone is almost the volume of PS5...
  • Pollopesca
    Cool project. But can’t really call this a “PS5 Slim’ mod when its overall mass has increased and shoved under the table.
  • bolweval
    Pretty cool. (pun intended)
  • MasterMadBones
    Matt's PlayStation 5 Slim saw 13% lower temperatures on the SoC, 45% on the memory, and 38% on the VRM.
    It's funny that you're using temperature percentages when mentioning GN.
  • Giroro
    The entire idea that this mod is smaller than the original is complete and blatant lie. More mass, more volume, less convenient configuration.
    But what can you expect from YouTube, where every single video is just a clickbait lie that is sociopathically engineered to trick you into watching ads.

    Preroll and postroll ads between videos with an ad-read, multiple ad breaks, overlay ads, sponsored video links, patreon, e-begging, "super chat/thanks" "tip jars" where youtube keeps 30% of a "donation" for the high-effort task of changing the font color. The real kicker is that on top of all of that, most content just ends up being infomercial level shilling for affiliate link pennies. The entire platform is artless cooperate nepotism. Using fantasy to con people into free labor and taking advantage of their talent. It's wrecking the culture while causing real harm to both viewers and creators alike.

    Say what you will about Hollywood toxicity, at least their actors get paid a decent salary and union benefits - all without having to also fund, write, produce, direct, record, edit, promote, and distribute an entire original show on a weekly/daily cadence.
    It makes my skin crawl.
  • bkuhl
    I feel the most amazing thing about this project is that he broke the first one and was actually able to get a second!
  • escksu
    I felt the article was kind of a click bait and blatant lie.

    The focus was on the size of youtuber's PS5 (with dimensions) but it failed to mention the size of the "external module". It wasn't even shown in the article, I had to click on the video in order to see it. Upon seeing the radiator and PSU, I was like: "that looks kind of huge!"

    PS5 is bigger only because Sony housed the cooling and PSU all into 1 box, along with the plastic. You cant expect a product to have external water tubes and separate cooling module.
  • escksu
    A better way of reporting this would be to showcase how the YouTuber construct an external cooling and power supply module (which could be hidden away) and hence all that's visible on your tv console is a nice slim box.

    I am not sure if it's is the first water cooled PS5. If so, then this is the highlight of the article. The size is a bonus.
  • 10tacle
    The takeaway I get from this is that the dude was able to get two PS5s to destroy attempt whereas I've been trying to get one for a year and a half and still can't find one in normal retail stock and price. I'm at a loss as to why we still can't get an MSRP PS5 yet we have full access now to GPUs and the Xbox Series X, both of which last holiday season were still nowhere to be found, but now are readily available at original MSRP (or in the case of GPUs and the crashed cryptocurrency market, under MSRP).