Warpath Mode And Hack Modules Added To 'Doom' Multiplayer

A few weeks ago, id Software announced that Doom was coming on May 13. Now, the developers have more details about the game, specifically on its multiplayer aspect.

On The Warpath

One of the new multiplayer modes available is called "Warpath," and it's id Software's take on the traditional King of the Hill matches. Throughout the game, the objective moves in a circular pattern around the map. You and other players will then have to fight each other in order to get to the marker first.

However, a special demon rune is also placed on the opposite end of the map. Once obtained, you can use the new powerup to transform into a terrifying monster that can easily destroy enemies. It certainly provides a slight advantage in combat, but you'll have to risk taking the long route to the objective if you want to become the Demon.

Hack Modules

Aside from Warpath, the new Doom will also includes new single-use items called "Hack Modules." As you rise up the online rankings, you'll gain more Hack Modules to use in matches. Some examples of these include Scout (which allows you to see the location of enemies briefly after you respawn) and Power Seekers (which reveals the location of nearby powerups).

Obviously, each Hack Module can be used for a limited time only. If you die while still using one of the items, the timer stops until you respawn again. This allows you to use each Hack Module to its full extent. You can also change Hack Modules when you die, so you can save a certain module for another time.

Expect More

Doom is still three months away from release, and id Software is bound to have more news about the game before May 13. In recent months, a handful of players were allowed to play the game in closed alpha sessions. A beta session is in the works, and those who redeemed a code with the purchase of Wolfenstein: The New Order are guaranteed access. However, id Software has not announced a specific date for the game's beta version.

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